Talk About Inspiration


Well if you are from Boston, you know what today is  — Marathon Monday! Between that and St. Patrick’s Day it is one of the best weekends to be in the city!

The official launch of spring as far as I am concerned and a great opportunity to witness human perseverance and determination up close. Runners from all over the world come here to tackle one of the most beloved marathons.


But what fun is it to see Kenya and Ethiopia take the crown every year… I like to tune in right around noon when you see the regular people making their way across the finish line.

That’s where you truly get inspired!

Real people, running for loved ones, causes, or to prove something to themselves!

The guy carrying the photo of his parents, the little girl crossing the line with her dad, members of local hospitals, teams raising money for causes dear to their heart.

Nothing is more pure than that sense of accomplishment and doing it for a purpose!

Read here about Northeastern student Bridgette Trometer who runs for her father who is recovering from colon cancer -

We hope she had a great race, and hope this inspires you all to get out and get training. November will be here before you know it.


This was also a great weekend for another reason! We had the rare chance to meet the chair of the Bothell, Washington race which was wonderful! I can’t tell you how nice it was to connect with someone who is doing what we are doing!

Long story short, this was a great weekend for me to recharge my battery and get inspired to make this the best race Boston has seen (next to the Marathon of course)!