Beat The Challenge

Boston Get Your Rear in Gear 5K' is so excited to have Team TJ on board with us! As if being diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer at the young age of 28 isn't enough, TJ has taken on the job of inspiring others in his situation by documenting his battle on his blog 'Beat The Challenge’.


Currently undergoing aggressive Chemo treatment, TJ can still find some humor in it all saying…

The Drugs my infusion nurse Shiela administered in hospital were Oxaliplatin, and Leucovorin, they gave me a boost of 5-FU (Fluorouracil) and then hooked me up with the latest fashion trend. Don’t be surprised if you see a new wave of man purses take over the south end after people see me rocking this new look. Then again…….. it’s the south-end I might be a little late to the party.

TJ, I live in the South End too, and trust me man, you are late to the party! haha! As I’m sure you know, anything goes in the South End.


Anyway, I digress…

TJ, its an honor to have you doing what you do in my city, in my neighborhood. You are an inspiration to all those going through this horrible disease! Keep at it!

Our First Sponsor…

So we have our first race sponsor on - Road ID who are sponsoring our race bibs! I am so excited about this company and their products and feel very fortunate to have them on board with us!


Have you heard of them? Well, they pretty much supply runners with the equipment to keep them safe on the road in case of an emergency (ie. hit by a car, fall into a ditch, pass out from exhaustion) They have wrist band that help identify you and keep you alive. I could see how this would be incredibly valuable for hard core competitors, but then after reading their story I think it might be perfect for all around un-athletic clumsy people like me too!

And check out who they have as one of their athletesDean Karnzes.


If you haven’t heard of this man you should look him up. He is called the “ultra-marathon man” and for good reason. Thanks to my boyfriend I started watching Stan Lee’s Superhumans where they featured Dean. His body doesn’t build up acid in his muscles, which for normal people causes us to tire and get sore. Instead his body keeps his acid levels low which result in his ability to run for extended periods of time.

From The Superhumans Site:

"As an ultramarathon runner, Dean runs distances far beyond a normal marathon and often in grueling environments—including 146 miles in the 120-degree heat of Death Valley and the 40—below temperatures of the South Pole.

In 2005, Dean ran nonstop for over 80 hours and 44 minutes, and in 2006 he ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. Then, after he’d finished that, he ran the 1,300 miles back to the start.

Dean’s life-changing story and incredible endurance have inspired thousands to get off the sofa and hit the open road. He has also been voted one the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World” by TIME magazine.”


I am very happy that Road ID has stepped up to support us, and I hope they can make it out to see the event happen! And if they do, I expect to see their super cute mascots on hand. :)